On October 2, 1975 Bruce Springsteen performed at the Uptown, a small 1,800-seat theater on the north side of Milwaukee.
      Half way through the show, police evacuated the theater because of a bomb threat. Bruce and the band retreated to the
Pfister Hotel bar. There, Springsteen later told the Milwaukee crowd, “we drank our skulls out.”
      The concert resumed at midnight and Springsteen and company performed one of his most high-voltage rockfests ever.  
DJ Bob Reitman, who mc’ed the concert, called it “the best rock and roll show I ever saw.” Fans simply refer to it as “the bomb scare show.”
      MAN AT THE TOP is a buddy comedy about the Milwaukee Brucesters, three die-hard Springsteen fans who stumble upon their hero at the Pfister Hotel. But with all the commotion, they miss their chance for their meet-and-greet. They make a pledge that night that one day they would meet Springsteen - no matter the stakes.
     MAN AT THE TOP explores the bond that brings friends together, the passion that joins lovers and the ties that binds fans to their hero.  It’s a fable about how we connect to our work, our families and find peace with our station in life. And ultimately, through devotion, hard work, a lot of sacrifice, and maybe a little luck, we all can be the man at the top.

Man At The Top

"As a comically refreshing exploration of male friendships, MAN AT THE TOP really succeeds in bringing out the joyful peculiarities of the Milwaukee Brucesters - a trio of Bruce Springsteen super fans.  Altogether, the script conveys an exuberant familiarity with Springsteen and his work that's compelling to watch.  Curtis, Shray, and Fangs' amusing friendship is so clearly established in the first act, which should really engage audiences from start to finish.  Not surprisingly, there's a lot of heart and humor that pops up in scenes between the male friends, specifically with Curtis whose father passes away early in the script.  While the premise itself is nothing new compared to other buddy comedy features, the writer utilizes three well-written male leads to tell an emotionally engaging story.  Although the trio's mutual obsession with Bruce Springsteen might seem outdated to modern audiences, the writer does a great job illustrating that the Milwaukee-Brucesters are actually out of touch, which is rather amusing.  Sam, Curtis' wife, provides a great sense of conflict that centers around Curtis' intense fixation on Springsteen, which she believes has taken a toll on their relationship."

                                            -  From The Black List    

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